Kells Seattle Pre-Event Audio/Visual Information

We look forward to hosting your group event at Kells and we hope you have a great time! Below you will find information that will help your party go as smoothly as possible. Please read it over and if any technical questions, fill out the form below.

What We Provide

As far as equipment Kells upstairs, Banquet, room has:

  • Four (4) 15", 1000W 2-way speakers
  • Four (4) TV/monitors (Three (3) 42" and One (1) 80"
  • A Windows 10 PC that drives our monitors (via modulator) @1920x1080 resolution
  • DirecTV for broadcast sports or TV
  • XLR cable for direct input into our mixer
  • USB-C to HDMI adaper (for laptop or tablet connection to TV)
  • Bluetooth audio as alternate audio input into our mixer

Our computer has MS PowerPoint™ installed and we have a wireless PowerPoint remote if you want to present slides. We can also assist if you want the presentation to play at a specific cadence, automatically.

We're able to rotate through a group of images (ie, JPG or PNG), Video (MP4/5,  AVI, YouTube) and music (MP3 Playlist).

You can either drop off a USB flash drive (labeled or in an envelope with your party name) OR use DropBox, Google Photos, Google Drive or OneDrive and share with Kells [ ]. You can also cast your slides or presentation to our AppleTV or our Windows Multimedia PC, we'll just need to talk about this prior to your event. Reaching out in the form below is the most direct way to do this.

One of the easiest ways (we've found, so far) is for you to use a Google Presentations (in conjunction with Google Photos) and share it with us [ ].

Please get us your media or a link with details at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled event.

With direct questions for our A/V Technician please fill out the form below:

    Kells Long Room Bar